Yesterday on Mid-term Election Day nov05


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Yesterday on Mid-term Election Day

When I worked for the Dutch parliament we called election day the ‘Highlight of Democracy’, I am not sure that is the correct translation. Yesterday I experienced my first major election day in Houston, last year election of the mayor almost passed by unnoticed. I didn’t work for KPFT at that time and just returned from the Netherlands with my three cats. So I had more important matters on my mind :-). Like a big red cat who is afraid of the ceiling fan. By the way he has conquered his fear. he is truly at home here now.

Just before early voting started I did a report on that and called with Joaquin Guerra, political director of Texas Organizing Projects. He told me about their campaign to get as many voters to the poll as possible, especially targeting infrequent voters. Part of that is the Drive for Democracy campaign in which they offer to drive people to the voting polls. They were looking for volunteers. After I finished my report I kept thinking about it. As I have said before I am a legal alien, so I am not allowed to vote -it is no complaint, just a fact. But as an ex-House of Representatives employee democracy is a dear issue for me. The right to vote is hard-won, not easily disregarded.

I decided to sign up as a volunteer to help getting people to the polls, and make a report about it for KPFT Local News. I had a fun day, thanks to TOP communications coordinator Alejandro Ortiz. I also met a wonderful woman who I was honored to drive to the polls. 87 years old, but sharp as a pencil and very independent. Although she could not walk very well anymore, she did not need assistance getting into the car. She voted for the first time when Kennedy was elected. I would love to do a much longer interview with her. I think she can tell some stories. Wow. Great day.

– to be continued.