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Ramble Rookie Story

GerryMREver since I joined BikeHouston early this year, Houstonians told me about the Moonlight Bicycle Ramble, or Ramble for friends. It is considered the highlight of the year. Last weekend the moment of “getting to know you” was finally there.

I was too late to do something spectacular with my bike, but was proud to at least have the bike lights working in time. I did go to the party store for some costume accessories and I told everyone it was a sort of Tinkerbell impression. OK, it might also have just been a butterfly, but that is hardly Halloween-worthy. I also attached some balloons to my bike, just for fun, but at least one fellow rider was puzzled by that. It may not fit the Disney-image.

The ride itself was great fun, we were in the last group to start as I was helping out at on-site registration and in the beginning the pace was slow due to traffic lights. Once we left the short route behind us the pace stepped up. At the 610 feeder the temperature dropped to “pleasant cool”, almost too cold for a T-shirt. Going back into the city by Memorial Drive is the best part. I never knew Memorial Drive is that long. We yelled like kids under the overpasses on Allen Parkway before speeding through downtown back to the George R. Brown Convention Center (GRB).

We went straight for the car and home. It was fun and well organized. No trouble finding the route, thanks to signs and numerous corner marshals, and we also didn’t encounter too many potholes. I hope every rider made a safe return to GRB that night. See y’all next year.