NYC Never Sleeps; We did a Little #1 dec01


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NYC Never Sleeps; We did a Little #1

We went to New York City for Thanksgiving Holiday. The name NYC alone is enough to step up my pace, so I warned my co-travelers that sleeping in was not an option. You don’t go to New York to unwind and get lots of rest. Way too much to see, to taste, to experience. There were a few must-do’s and I guess we only missed one. Gives us a good reason to go back some day.

First of all we were extremely lucky we could stay in the apartment of friends of friends. Right in the middle of Manhattan, close to subway stations to go uptown and downtown. In five days we tried all kind of transportation, so lets start with that topic. We flew to Newark International Airport and took the train to NY Penn Station and from there a cab to our ‘house’ for the coming days. The fun started in the air because of an incoming snow storm EWR was half closed, so our plane was forced to circle an hour extra in the air before being allowed to land. The pilot was incredible funny he assured us he had enough fuel aboard. Everybody felt really relieved.

On Thursday we walked mostly, but later bought a metro pass so we could hop on, hop off as much as we liked. The next day the sun shined and we took the metro downtown to the South Ferry for the cheapest ride in town. Twenty years ago the Staten Island ferry cost 50 dollarcent, now it is free. Breakfast at the island was not the best, but we did it for the views of Manhattan’s skyline and those were gorgeous. Going back to to the city we decided to rent bikes and explore the city that way. Incredible experience, we cycled along Park Avenue and through Central Park. Wonderful day trip. For the rest we used our metro passes well. On the last day we really knew which lines we should use to get to our destiny.

-to be continued.