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Newspaper Icon Ben Bradlee 1921-2014

When I finally remembered today to step outside and pick up the morning papers this article came a bit as a shock. Another one gone. Bradlee was my personal role model for an editor of a newspaper. Maybe he was not a nice guy, I wouldn’t know and of course my image of him is mostly shaped by the movie All the Presidents Men – and that one we merely watched to drool over Robert Redford. But still, Bradlee became one of the icons of free press and of persistent research journalism despite counter forces from the government or big firms.

Bradlee was 93 years old when he died and that surely is a blessed age. The New York Times articles says he died at home of natural causes. I would say he was double blessed. When I am reading his obituary I feel a urge to look up that movie again and watch it all over and maybe also search for the book, or better several books as I guess will have been written about this very famous newspaper episode.

Rest in peace Mr. Bradlee and thanks again for backing those two reporters forty years ago. Free and independent press is key for a true democracy.

– to be continued.