Halloween: Lots of Candy and a Bit of Horror nov03


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Halloween: Lots of Candy and a Bit of Horror

Our second Halloween in Houston and we were once again in the Heights. Houston’s self acclaimed hipster neighborhood. Last year we went to a big(ger) party, this year we spent a lazy evening at someone else porch, handing out candy someone else had bought and eating chili someone else had made. Not a bad score for a Friday night.

I forgo to make a picture of the supply of candy: Snickers and Kitkat bars (full size not the mini), bags with Kittles or M&M’s. I thought we needed an army to pass by to get rid of it. Well after all I guess I was right. We saw spidermen, batmen and batwomen, witches, skeletons, Dart Vaders, fairies and butterflies and bumblebee’s, princesses and devils. In all shapes and colors. And of course a crocodile accompanied by Captain Hook. Luckily they all wanted some candy, so we were not left with all this fake chocolate junk food.

On the way home we took a little detour to cruise along Westheimer. There the steady stream of Halloween party goers was even more impressive. I don’t think they were of the age to go trick-or-treating, and if they did I guess they would prefer something liquid. We just sat in our car and gaped. Houston Halloween has a lot to offer.

– to be continued.