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Christmas Tree Shopping Texan Style

After our half Dutch half American Sinterklaasfeest at December 5, it was time to shift gears and move on to the next holiday theme. Christmas is approaching fast. Our Sinterklaas co-conspirators invited us to go Christmas tree hunting. On a farm called Dewberry just outside Katy. Only a 45 minute drive, very close by for Houstonians. the fun part is that you can cut your own Christmas tree. A very Texan custom we assumed.

Well, I guess the experience was quite Texas style. Our hosts felt a bit embarrassed because they dragged us there. We loved it for its craziness, but I refused to buy our Christmas tree there. According to my opinion those cypresses were not fit to serve as a Christmas tree in my house. Although they could claim it to be local grown. Dewberry Farm scores a point there. The offense is merely in the sort of tree. I don’t like the type. And the let them grow and then cut them brutally to shape them into a cone, a sort of Disney land perfect Christmas tree form. Not real enough for me. I would rather buy a plastic tree and save myself the mess.

Four days later the men went on a mission again and bought us a real Christmas tree, it is now setting in our den. It smells lovely and looks more like a Christmas tree every day. Now all we need to do is decorate it. We should start with the lights, then the ornaments. I have only one problem: where in Houston can I find chocolate Christmas wreaths for my tree?

– to be continued.