A Nice Ride on a Bicycle Before Fall Sets in nov13


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A Nice Ride on a Bicycle Before Fall Sets in

It seems like I have started a series of articles about fun outings. Yesterday definitely was a fun outing although with a serious goal. The fun was cycling in the sunshine and it may have been chilly the environment of Terry Hershey Park was extremely nice, the company was pleasant – they did not complain about my moderate pace – and I accomplished almost 24 miles. Not bad for a first try I would say.

Yes I finally have taken the step of getting serious about participating in MS150 in 2015. So far my knees are holding out. I did manage to cycle 24 miles within a two hour time frame. I also started to use my gears and I am a bit proud that on the way back I was able to climb all the ‘hills’ in the park. More dips and bumps to navigate the busy streets that cross Terry Hershey Park which you can avoid by taking the underpasses.

Today the sun does not show its face and temperature has dropped significantly due to a harsh coldfront from the northwest. We will survive, but as I was wearing only a few days ago shorts and tank tops now the heater is on and I donned a sweater and going out on my bike means putting on a coat and even a scarf. It suddenly feels like Dutch fall weather.

-to be continued.