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A Nice Day in the Country

It took a little drive out of the city, but then you can enter some sort of Texas paradise. Our neighbors across the street own a ranch one hour drive up north out of Houston. They had invited us already several times, but it never happened. Yesterday we took advantage of the great weather to come over for a visit. As it turned out it was our neighbor’s birthday. Luckily we brought a bottle of little bubbles. They were gracious enough to welcome us to their second home, and it is a lovely place. Something like that does not exist in the Netherlands I reckon.

Dogs running around, two of them, two of their youngest son, three horses, a bull, all roaming free and playing with each other. We took a stroll to the creek and found some petrified wood. But first Joe persuaded us to drive his fifty year old John Deere tractor. I have never ridden a tractor in y life and it didn’t come natural. But with directions and some hands-on help from Joe and my husband I did manage to get it into motion, my true love made some video’s but played around with the slow motion mode on my new iPhone. Very funny and I did not go fast but also not that slow.

The best part of our visit was when we came to talk about some BBQ-sauce that we picked up from the shop around the corner, homemade by some older guy who lives in a small town close to Houston. Guess what? That is our neighbor’s brother-in-law. On the jar the label shows a fence and a horse and both belong to Joe. We told him we exported already a few jars to the Netherlands to our brother-in-law. It is a small world after all. We love our BBQ-sauce even more, and we are definitely going back to the ranch. Maybe we can even interest our youngest to accompany us over there. Maybe we can let him drive.

– to be continued.