A Day at the Radio nov20


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A Day at the Radio

Today was full of surprise to formulate it nice. Yesterday I saw an announcement for a protest at the Mexican consulate in Houston and I thought that would be a nice subject for me. Last week I already tried to reach them but failed to get a hold on someone in time. Today would be my revenge. So I entered the KPFT newsroom quite confidently. It should have been a warning. Anytime I think things goes smoothly something terrible happens.

Still the beginning was promising enough, Tucker signed me off and I hopped on my bike. The Mexican consulate is only ten minutes away – on a bicycle. When I arrived there were plenty people and I had no trouble finding people willing to talk to me. Lots of cops were all around but the atmosphere stayed relaxed, even though the topic of the students who disappeared in September is gruesome enough.

Just a little after noon I was back at the station. Editing my soundbites for a wrap took me a bit more than an hour – I still have the pace of a snail. But I thought I had it pretty well organized. I wrote my script and handed it over to Tucker. the first hiccup appeared there, I could not close my text file so she could not edit it. First real delay. After that was solved I recorded my script or at least I tried, but I could not get the sound up. Tony, our receptionist, was the solution to this problem. I recorded and went upstairs to merge my script and my soundbites, of which I had eleven.

There the real terror began. All of a sudden the computer slowed down and some soundbites got deformed and mixed up. It was like my recording was jinxed. In the end I did it live, with Roxy working her fingers off for entering the clips on time. Remember it were eleven clips, some just seven seconds long. Thanks, you are the best board engineer. Thanks Tucker for your patient and support. Tomorrow I do another wrap, see if I can get it done. Rookie-trouble.

– to be continued.